I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Well today is the day that Arya and I are heading home to San Diego, California. It’s going to be a long 23 hours of driving and I hope she is ready for it. We spent all morning driving around and saying goodbye to all of our friends.

It’s going to be so different moving back home. We will be moving into my parents house, until I get on my feet so Arya and I can have our own house. Now at my parents house, there is a crazy Boxer named Peanut. She is a little over 2 years old. Peanut will be the perfect friend/roommate for Arya.

They both have so much energy and they will hopefully wear each other out. Arya seems to have endless amounts of energy and sometimes I don’t have the time or stamina to assist her in releasing that energy. Hopefully Peanut will help me and give Arya a good work out.

For some reason, I am really nervous for these two to meet. I am nervous because the fact that Peanut has so much energy. I am fearful that she may make Arya worse, but at the same time, I know Peanut is a good wel behaved dog. She would help me keep Arya in check by setting a good example around the house.

Another fear is that the move will be too stressful for Arya to handle. After all she is still just a puppy. But I have faith that she is strong and can handle it. I know Arya will miss her friends from Oklahoma, but she will make new friends and we still have each other. Do you have any tips to help Arya adjust to our new life?


Our First Winter

IMG_4744With Arya turning a whopping 20 weeks this week, we will be experiencing our first winter. Arya got to play in snow for the first time last week and she loved it. She was eating ice, rolling around in the snow covered grass, and even digging in the snow. Arya had a blast.

As a symbol for our first winter, I went to Petsmart on Monday and bought her a special teddy bear. I named it Ted. These teddy bears were on 50% off and so adorable. I could not resist. This teddy bear (as seen in the picture) is actually a beige dog. What makes it symbolic of our first winter is the scarf. The red scarf has a snowflake and the year 2013 printed on it.

Of course, Ted a squeaker in his chest. Once Arya found that squeaker, she would not stop biting it to hear that obnoxious squeak. But after the first day, Arya must have punctured a hole in the plastic squeaker because poor little Ted was no longer squeaking. After only 2 days, Ted had one ear torn off. Arya was a little too happy to have a new toy. She walks around with Ted in her mouth, shaking it back and forth. Sometimes she will lay down with Ted’s ear in her mouth, and using her paws, she will push the body away. Almost as if she is playing tug-o-war with herself. She even throws it in the air, runs to get it, and then shakes it again. Needless to say, she is extremely rough with this poor teddy. But when I wanted to take a picture of Arya with Ted, I noticed something was missing. Arya had already torn off the other ear!

I am happy that Arya loves this new teddy bear but at the same time I am worried that Ted won’t make it through the winter. Arya is very rough with Ted and I have a feeling she will be tearing out his stuffing sometime this next week. I guess that’s okay though. Its better than her tearing up my shoes or my pillow.