Stop, Drop, and Roll

It’s official. Arya has added some new tricks to her repertoire. The last time I created a “tricks” video for Arya (First Five Tricks For My Puppy), she knew 5 tricks; sit, stay, come, lay down, and okay. She was a master at sit, stay, come and okay, but she needed help with lay down.

Now, Arya will lay down with just my command (no assistance). Not only has she perfected lay down, she has added 3 more tricks; including rollover, catch, and high five (with both hands). I am so proud of her!

When I want her to catch something, I have to say “catch” before I toss/throw it. For some odd reason, if I do not vocally command her to catch, she will just sit still and watch the object hit the ground. For rollover, she will lay down and then I vocally command her to rollover and I use a hand motion (twirling my wrist).

The trick that I am most proud of is high five because she will use both paws. If I put up my right hand, she gives me her right paw. If I put up my left hand, she will give me her left paw. Of course, sometimes she puts up the wrong paw, but I just say “no” and she will give the correct paw right away.

She is so smart and I just want to keep adding more tricks to her repertoire. I have tried speak, but she is having a hard time with it so I think crawl will be next.


First 5 Tricks For My Puppy

When Arya was just seven weeks old, she knew the three basic tricks– “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Once Arya understood the concept of  a treat and what “no” means, she was performing like a pro.

After about two weeks of continuous practice with the three basic tricks, we added “okay” to her repertoire. As you can see in this video, she has mastered those four tricks.

The newest edition to Arya’s list of tricks is “lay down” or simply “down”. She does not fully understand this one, but her attempts are adorable. For now, I have to help her out by moving my hand further away from her until she actually lays down. I love the way Arya tilts her head and slowly twists her body as she is laying down. I’m so proud that Arya has almost mastered her fifth trick.

Now I’m wondering, what should be her next trick?