Time To Get Fixed

As crazy as it may seem, Arya is now 17 weeks. I can’t believe that I have had her for 11 weeks already! I remember our first day together like it was only yesterday. Its sad to think about, but she has come to that special age to be fixed. So today, Arya was spayed.

When we got into the car this morning and the poor thing had no idea what was happening. She was so happy to be going for a drive. Arya was more excited today than when we normally go to the park. I felt so guilty, but her mood changed quickly.

IMG_4536We were on our way to the hospital and she did not sit down. She stayed standing, slightly leaning toward the dashboard. Normally Arya stares outside the car at everything that passes by, but this time, she stared intently through the front windshield. It was as if she knew something serious was going to happen.

I dropped her off at the hospital at 7:30 am. She was good and followed the vet assistant to the back without any tugging or pulling on her leash. I signed all of the paperwork and headed home. The whole way home, I just kept hoping that everything would go smoothly. I was told to pick her up at 5:30 pm. How was I supposed to go ten hours without driving myself mad? My only answer was to stay busy. I went to class, did a little grocery shopping, ate lunch with a friend, watched softball practice, and even read a couple chapters in my book. After all that, I finally decided it was time to go pick up Arya.

When the vet finally brought Arya to me, her face was so sad. I could tell she was in pain. But the cone she had on was possibly the cutest/funniest thing I had ever seen. She was running into corners, tripping over the cone, running into doors, and she even got her head caught as she tried to jump into the car. I knew I should not have been laughing, but I could not help myself.

As soon as we got home Arya fell asleep. I mean, it was less than five minutes after we got home that I found her curled up in her bed. She looked so sad. I attempted to take photos of her post-surgery, but that cone made it impossible. I also felt horrible taking pictures when she looked so miserable.

Looking back on the day, I still can’t believe that at just 17 weeks and 21 pounds, my little girl experienced this life changing surgery. But thanks to her amazing veterinarian, she will hopefully have a speedy and successful recovery. She has grown so much in our time together, and I cannot wait to see the wonderful dog she will become.


Transformation Thursday

IMG_4419Since the first day I brought Arya home, we have never spent more than six hours apart. For the first time this weekend, I spent two days with out her.

Me and a few friends took a weekend vacation to Arkansas. I was without my baby girl from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. This trip had been planned for three weeks, but the reality of spending a weekend without her didn’t sink in until the moment we parted.

Bobbi, my old softball coach, was the person I asked to watch Arya for the weekend. She is a dog owner and her dog, Zoey, is extremely well-behaved. On Friday, I dropped Arya off at Bobbi’s house. The fact that I would be without her still didn’t seem real. When we arrived at the house, Bobbi and Zoey met us in the front yard. The dogs played together in the grass while Bobbi and I took Arya’s supplies inside. I brought her kennel, dog bowls, dog food, a few toys, her treats, and of course her leash.

After my car was emptied, we brought the dogs inside. I sat and talked with Bobbi for a few more minutes, but then it was time for me to leave. I said goodbye to Arya and started to walk towards the front door. Arya followed me. I told her “no” and that she was staying, but she just sat down and tilted her head as if she was confused. I bent over for one last kiss from her. Then I told her to stay and slowly walked out the front door.

I think she knew what was happening because she started whining and scratching the door. It was very hard not to turn around. When I got into my car, it hit me. I realized that I was leaving my baby girl for the whole weekend.

I decided the easiest way to get through the weekend would be to not think of her as much. I was doing really good. I didn’t talk about her too much, I didn’t get sad too often, and I didn’t text Bobbi all weekend to check in on Arya. Everything was going smooth until Sunday around 10 am. Bobbi sent me a picture (posted above) of Arya and said, “She misses her mama!” After reading that message, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see her. Just a few hours later, I was on the road, heading back to my baby girl.

When I got to Bobbi’s house, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Arya seemed to have gained almost five pounds and looked so much bigger. Arya and I don’t spend enough time apart so I don’t really see how fast she is growing. Seeing her everyday makes it difficult for me to see her transformation; until I look at old pictures. But this weekend, I finally got to see how fast she grows; even if it was only for two days.

The Best Of Both Dogs: Is It Possible?

IMG_4351At 14 weeks old, Arya is looking more like Shadow. For those of you who don’t know who Shadow is, she was my childhood pet for 14 years. Shadow was an all black Labrador/Pitbull mix breed with a white patch on her chest and belly (just like Arya). I am amazed at how much they are alike.

A couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen making myself dinner when I noticed Arya sitting/begging at my feet. She is not allowed into the kitchen so I told her to “Go lay down” and pointed to the couch. Arya slowly walked away and sat on the couch. When I checked on her a few seconds later, she was staring at me with her head gently rested on the edge of the couch. Arya had the same facial expression as Shadow. If I caught Shadow begging, I would tell her to “Go lay down”. She would lay down on her bed and give me those sweet puppy dog eyes as she rested her head on the side of her bed.

Another flashback occurred last night. I was sitting on the couch with Arya laying in the spot next to me (shown in the picture above). I glanced over to her and rubbed her head between the ears. As she looked up to me, I almost cried. I saw Shadow in her eyes and I reminisced about the nights when my mom would let Shadow would lay in my bed.

Arya is growing into such a beautiful dog inside and out, just like shadow. She is transforming into the dog I could only have imagined her being. I can’t believe it but Arya is the best combination of a sweet puppy and my canine childhood best friend. In other words, she is simply “The Best Of Both Dogs”.

Transformation Thursday

IMG_3388Although Arya has only been in my life for 5 weeks now and she has already grown so much. The picture to the left is her at 8 weeks old. Her sweet little innocent face is mesmerizing.

On her first veterinary appointment, she is was only about 5 and a half pounds. The vet told me that she would grow at a fast pace. I figured, because of her breed, that she would be a fairly large dog, but nothing has prepared me for how quick she has grown. When it comes to someone you see every day, you never realize how much they change. That is how I feel with Arya. I couldn’t see what everyone was talking about when they said she was growing so fast.

She is now 11 weeks and she had her second veterinary visit this week. My little girl is not so little anymore. The vet assistant, Michelle, took her into the back room to weigh her. When they returned, Michelle said “Oh my! This little girl has doubled her weight” “Excuse me?” I replied, in amazement. Her response was ” Yes, she is now 10.68 pounds!” I couldn’t believe that she was really that big!IMG_3837

The picture to the right is Arya now. She has transformed so much in just 3 weeks. It’s almost overwhelming. It is a bitter sweet feeling seeing her grow so quick. I am ecstatic that she is healthy and growing, yet at the same time, she is growing so fast that it makes me sad. But lets be honest, she will always be my sweet little puppy I brought home on that September morning.