Wrestling at the Park

IMG_4594Arya and I finally went to the park again. It had been about three weeks since our last park adventure. I had been busy with school work and Arya had her surgery, so I had just been taking her to the softball field on OCU’s campus.

But this park visit was special, because Arya had a friend there to play with. That friend was Cabella, or Bella for short. She is my friend, Jen Davis’, dog. Bella is a two year old mixed dog. We do not know the breeds, but she looks very similar to Arya’s mother (Arya’s mother was an Australian Shepherd, but not pure bred).

At first, Arya was scared and nervous of Bella. When Bella would walk away, Arya would walk/run behind her, but as soon as Bella stopped walking, Arya would turn around and run away. This happened for almost five minutes. Then Arya slowly became more and more playful. It was adorable! Arya mimicked everything Bella did. If Bella ran, Arya ran. If Bella chased a ball, Arya chased a ball. If Bella chewed on a stick, Arya chewed on a stick (as shown in the picture). Arya just followed Bella everywhere she went.

If I called Arya over to me, she would run towards me. About half way, she would stop and look at Bella. If Bella was not following toward me, Arya would stand still until I called Bella to come as well. Arya behaved so well and I was very proud of her.

When it came time to leave, Arya and Bella ran to the cars. The only problem was when I opened my door, Arya would not jump in. She just sat down and kept staring at Bella. When Bella got into Jen’s car, Arya still did not get in. I had to pick her up. Once she was inside, Arya just stared out the window and whined. She was so sad and I felt bad for separating the two.

Arya has done so well with every dog she has met, but I think the next step is taking Arya to the dog park or doggie day care so she can be socialized with all different types of dogs. The real question is: where should I take her?


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