Top Five Toys for Your Puppy

IMG_4397When it comes to toys, Arya has so many options to keep herself occupied. I have her toys everywhere on my bedroom floor. It’s pointless for me to pick them up because she always finds them. When she finds out where I hid them, she pulls out each toy one by one.

Here are the top five toys I would recommend for your puppy to keep them happy.

1. Rawhide Bones are a must. They are not only good for your puppies teeth, but these bones keep them occupied for hours. Flavored ones are also available (Arya likes the chicken ones).

2. A rope. For some reason, every dog that I have met seems to be obsessed with ropes. I don’t know if its simply you playing tug-a-war with your furry friend or the strings on the end that are so fascinating, but they work.

3. Tennis Ball. You do not need a tennis ball per say, but you should have something similar; meaning round and bouncy. Balls are easy to throw or kick when playing fetch. It’s also just cute to watch puppies pounce on the ball with her paws.

4. Kong toys. The Kong brand is not important, but the concept is. For those of you who do not know what Kong toys are, I will explain. These Kong toys are simply toys (most often round and made of rubber) that you can stuff with treats. These toys keep your pooch occupied while also helping with their cognitive development.

5. Anything with a squeaker. Yes they are annoying to listen to, but these toys are not for us. There is something about that high pitch squeaker that makes puppies go crazy. Arya loves to hear that noise. She gets so much energy and seems to not be able to control herself as soon as she hears that special squeak.

What other toys do you give you puppy? Although Arya doesn’t need anymore toys, I love spoiling her.


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