The Best Of Both Dogs: Is It Possible?

IMG_4351At 14 weeks old, Arya is looking more like Shadow. For those of you who don’t know who Shadow is, she was my childhood pet for 14 years. Shadow was an all black Labrador/Pitbull mix breed with a white patch on her chest and belly (just like Arya). I am amazed at how much they are alike.

A couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen making myself dinner when I noticed Arya sitting/begging at my feet. She is not allowed into the kitchen so I told her to “Go lay down” and pointed to the couch. Arya slowly walked away and sat on the couch. When I checked on her a few seconds later, she was staring at me with her head gently rested on the edge of the couch. Arya had the same facial expression as Shadow. If I caught Shadow begging, I would tell her to “Go lay down”. She would lay down on her bed and give me those sweet puppy dog eyes as she rested her head on the side of her bed.

Another flashback occurred last night. I was sitting on the couch with Arya laying in the spot next to me (shown in the picture above). I glanced over to her and rubbed her head between the ears. As she looked up to me, I almost cried. I saw Shadow in her eyes and I reminisced about the nights when my mom would let Shadow would lay in my bed.

Arya is growing into such a beautiful dog inside and out, just like shadow. She is transforming into the dog I could only have imagined her being. I can’t believe it but Arya is the best combination of a sweet puppy and my canine childhood best friend. In other words, she is simply “The Best Of Both Dogs”.


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