Transformation Thursday

IMG_3388Although Arya has only been in my life for 5 weeks now and she has already grown so much. The picture to the left is her at 8 weeks old. Her sweet little innocent face is mesmerizing.

On her first veterinary appointment, she is was only about 5 and a half pounds. The vet told me that she would grow at a fast pace. I figured, because of her breed, that she would be a fairly large dog, but nothing has prepared me for how quick she has grown. When it comes to someone you see every day, you never realize how much they change. That is how I feel with Arya. I couldn’t see what everyone was talking about when they said she was growing so fast.

She is now 11 weeks and she had her second veterinary visit this week. My little girl is not so little anymore. The vet assistant, Michelle, took her into the back room to weigh her. When they returned, Michelle said “Oh my! This little girl has doubled her weight” “Excuse me?” I replied, in amazement. Her response was ” Yes, she is now 10.68 pounds!” I couldn’t believe that she was really that big!IMG_3837

The picture to the right is Arya now. She has transformed so much in just 3 weeks. It’s almost overwhelming. It is a bitter sweet feeling seeing her grow so quick. I am ecstatic that she is healthy and growing, yet at the same time, she is growing so fast that it makes me sad. But lets be honest, she will always be my sweet little puppy I brought home on that September morning.


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